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Dedicated Email Server

Dedicated email server

Dedicated email servers are those that support only a single domain. It is used by corporate where thousands of emails are exchanged every day. Though you can opt for a shared server a dedicated email server is a lot more beneficial.

Dedicated mail servers host email for only one customer, so you always have access to the full resources of the server. All dedicated servers use redundant hard drives (RAID arrays) so that failure of a disk won't impact uptime, and the servers are connected to at least two networks with automatic failover should any network hardware fail.

Apart from corporates , SMEs also use dedicated mail server for reasons of security and data privacy. The dedicated mail server gives you a flexibility to have full control on your emails and allows you to record and store all email transactions. It also protects your critical business communications and provide you with the peace of mind that your mail will always be available.

Dedicated email servers will cost you more than the shared ones, but it will provide you more control, stability and less outside issues, making it perfect for businesses.

Customised Dedicated email hosting

Customised Linux based email server is the most preferred solution by clients today. It offers a virus free and professional solution. This solution will free you from all headaches of managing emails and saves a lot of time and money. The dedicated email solution allows you to monitor the delivery status of each and every email that you send. You can use and configure emails on any email client and use IMAP or POP3 setup. You get customised web interface to access emails over the web. Best Anti Spam and Anti Virus solutions on all emails.

Benefits of a Dedicated Email Marketing Server

  • Unlimited Free Online Technical support
  • POP3 email accounts
  • Multiple Domain hosting
  • Cron Jobs
  • Anti Virus + Anti Spam
  • Webmail
  • Raw log files
  • AWStats Web Site Statistics
  • Custom Error Pages
  • MySQL databases
  • Password Protected Directory
  • IP Deny Manager
  • URL Redirection

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